Proposed Expansion Plans

Currently, Dhamma Rata has been able to construct and fully complete the following facilities:

  1. A Dhamma Hall for 70 meditators
  2. 6 Male and 6 Female meditator residences (twin sharing basis with an attached bathroom)
  3. 1 Male Dormitory (with a capacity of 11 meditators)
  4. Temporary Dining Hall and Kitchen
  5. Temporary Office

It is necessary to augment the above facilities with AT residences (Male and Female), Dining Hall and Kitchen area, more Meditator Residences, an Office Block and widespread Tree Plantation with proper Landscaping. An estimate of the same is given here below:

AT Male and Female Residences Rs. 10 Lacs
Complete Dining for 60 Meditators, Kitchen area Rs. 15 Lacs
38 Single Meditator's Room:(@ Rs 1 Lacs per Room) Rs. 38 Lacs
Tree Plantation with Landscaping Rs. 2 Lacs
Pagoda consisting of 50 Cells (long term) (not budgeted now) -
Total Rs. 65 Lacs

As is evident above, the magnitude of the work yet to be completed is enormous. You may avail yourself of the opportunity to earn merits by participating in this meritorious project. Refer 'The Parami of Generosity (Donations)'.